An Endermologie® session is carefully tailored to each client’s individual needs with non-invasive and pain free treatments lasting approximately 50 minutes. During each session the whole body will be worked on so that the body’s lymphatic and blood circulation is stimulated. This increases the natural metabolic functions such as the reactivation of collagen and elastin production, removing waste from the body and initializing fat burning due to improved oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues.

A minimum of 14 to 20 treatments lasting 50 minutes twice a week should be undertaken to achieve satisfactory results. However, the number of sessions will be determined by age, body shape, severity of cellulite and what the desired outcome and expectations are.

It is important to remember to drink lots of water after the session. This will flush out the toxins that have been released during the treatment since the lymphatic circulation is active for 3 hours post treatment, and the blood circulation will be active for at least 6 hours post treatmen

Both Endermologie® and Lipomassage™ are highly effective treatments for water-retention and cellulite. Treatments are administered using a low-pressure vacuum pump to massage the skin between two motorized rollers, sucking it up into a fold or pleat. This rolling suction action (Roll’Up, Roll’In and Roll’Out) gently, yet intensively, exfoliates and conditions skin tissue by reducing oedema (water) in fat cells and breaking-down and eliminating fat deposits and revitalizing blood and lymphatic circulation. This painless and non-invasive “Mechano-stimulation” of the skin’s surface unblocks the blood and oxygen flow in the suffocated cellulitic tissues.

During regular treatments with LPG’s patented massage head, the connective tissues are stretched, allowing the skin to change from the puckered look of cellulite to its normal smooth appearance. The drainage of stagnant waste products via the lymphatic system and fine blood capillaries is also accelerated, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin that results in more refined curves and a beautiful, tighter and toned skin.

Although they are intense, Endermologie® treatments should never hurt! Instead, during and after the session, you should experience a true sense of well-being! If the session is painful, do not hesitate to let your practitioner know immediately.

Originally Endermologie® was used to regenerate scars, burns and damaged muscular tissue. The reduction of cellulite and significant inch loss was an unexpected result.