FAQ Endermologie® & Lipomassage™

Here are  some of the most frequently asked questions  regarding Endermologie® and Lipomassage™ – please mail us if you have any other questions that you would like answered…

How many sessions before I see results? 
The average women will need 14 to 20 treatments to achieve optimal results. Treatments are generally 35 – 50 minutes in duration, twice a week. Once a month follow-up treatments are recommended to maintain results.

How long do the results last?
For several months up to a few years, depending on age, lifestyle, and hormonal changes. Once-a-month to twice-a-month or sometimes more maintenance sessions are recommended after completion of the initial sessions, which maintains the results and keeps the toxins and abnormal fluid from building back up in the connective tissues.

How long does a Lipomassage™ session last? Do you just work on my problem areas? 
Sessions last an average of 35 minutes. Your problem areas are focused on, but     time is given to other areas to stimulate general circulation and elimination.

What is cellulite?
Cellulite is a skin condition that affects more than 90% of women. It is the “orange peel” skin most women begin to notice in their 20s. It tends to worsen with age and is related to hormonal variations. Resulting from circulation impairment on a micro level, cellulite is a vicious circle involving abnormal fluid retention in connective tissue and enlargement of fat cells.

Does Endermologie®/Lipomassage™ treatments replace exercise? 
No. In fact, it is highly recommended that you add diet and exercise to the routine you follow while undergoing treatments. In most cases, this improves results. It really works on a different area than exercise ~ which effects the deeper structures, which is why even women who work out often have cellulite.

What are the benefits of the treatments?
Treatments benefit both men and women resulting in body reshaping, improved skin fitness and the reduction of cellulite.

How long does each ENDERMOLOGIE® treatment last?
Each treatment is 50 minute full body treatment.

What does an ENDERMOLOGIE® treatment feel like?
It is a gentle, non-invasive, relaxing treatment that provides a general sense of wellbeing and revitalisation. No medical procedures or use of any chemical substances, creams or gels is involved.

How many treatments will it take to get rid of my cellulite?
Treatments have a cumulative effect, whereby the connective tissue of the skin becomes healthier over time. An initial assessment of a client’s condition will determine the likely number of treatments necessary to achieve the desired results. A suggested minimum number of treatments is 12 to 20.

How often do I need treatments?
Treatments should be performed two to three times per week until the desired result is achieved and should be spaced evenly apart over the entire number of treatments required.

Does ENDERMOLOGIE® work on men?
Treatments work even more effectively on men than women because of the genetic composition of their connective tissue. Target areas tend to be more often chest, stomach and above the hips.

Does ENDERMOLOGIE® or LIPOMASSAGE™replace diet and exercise?
Endermologie® is a specific type of exercise for your connective tissue. It efficiently treats target areas unresponsive to diet or conventional exercise. Incorporating a balanced diet and regular exercise into a course of treatments will achieve even greater results.

Do ENDERMOLOGIE® or LIPOMASSAGE™ treatments have any side effects?
Treatments may cause light headed-ness, head aches or nausea in client’s who are dehydrated or who have low blood pressure. Always remember to drink between 2 and 4 litres of water each day.

What is the difference between ENDERMOLOGIE® and LIPOSUCTION?
Treatments are non-invasive and improve the health of connective tissue. Liposuction is an invasive surgical procedure aimed at removing fat tissue from an area. Doctors often recommend Endermologie® treatments in conjunction with liposuction to minimise the trauma cause by the scaring and inflammation of the procedure and to improve the health of the tissue.

Will I to lose weight from the treatment?
Endermologie® is not a direct weight loss treatment. The improved functioning of your client’s body systems often affect shape before any change in weight. However, centimetre loss is most often noticed during treatment.

Are the results permanent?
Results will last for 18 months. Thereafter, if the factors causing the initial condition are not changed, the tissue will return to the state it was in before Endermologie®. Regular exercise, a balanced diet and 1 – 2 Endermologie® maintenance treatments per month are recommended to help keep the results achieved.

Endermologie® has been a specific procedure for the treatment of cellulite and body contouring since 1986 in France. Over 95,000 treatments are now performed every day in over 95 countries worldwide.

Has ENDERMOLOGIE® been scientifically proven?
Endermologie® achieved approval from the FDA in 1996 after 85 clinical trials proved its effectiveness. The studies conducted have proven that treatments increase vascular and lymphatic flow, boost fibroblast numbers and increase collagen production.