FAQ RégimA Skin Care

What are the benefits of a RégimA peel?
Smooths wrinkles and improves sun damaged skin
Rejuvenates and regenerates
Removes ‘sun spots’
Repairs and re-elasticises thin fragile skin
Helps eliminate and control pigmentation
Helps to smooth uneven texture
Helps to smooth course, lumpy keloid scars
Improves flexibility and mobility of hard scarred skin
Clearing and tightening of pores
Benefits ALL SKIN TYPES – sensitive, young, mature, white, black, asian, male or female

Why choose RegimA?
RégimA is safe to use all year round, has no contra-indications and does not make the skin sun-sensitive. It is a safe, simple, potent and cost effective solution to almost any skin concern. RégimA has no animal derived products and is NOT tested on animals.

RégimA ‘peel and heal’ contains natural Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) and beta hydroxy acids (BHA’s). AHA’s are responsible for the rejuvenation of all skin types as they separate the damaged outer layers from the new healthy living layers. BHA’s uniquely penetrate the oil in the pores and exfoliate accumulated skin cells inside the oil gland. This is particularly important for acne/problem skinned client, unplugging blocked pores, removing blackheads and tightening pores, as well as benefiting those with sensitive skins or rosacea ( reddening skin) or acne rosacea.

Who performs the “Peel & Heal”?
RégimA peels must be performed by either a doctor or a trained skin care professional. This is a strictly in-salon or doctors room treatment and is not for home care application.

How often should one have a peel?
A series of peels may be required to receive an optimal end result to a problem. With problems such as pigmentation or acne, it is recommended to commence with either weekly or fortnightly peels. This will depend on response, need and concentration of the peels. Assessment will be made at each appointment as to how the peel was tolerated. It will then be decided how to progress with the treatment. A more gradual, conservative approach is the safest and best as it will ensure desired long term effects.

What will the peel feel like?
The potent AHA’s (fruit acids) are low in pH and thus acidic. This is partially how we are able to penetrate the skin and work down to the all important living layer of the skin. The acidity allows it to successfully kill bacteria rendering it perfect for problematic skin. Because of this there will be a degree of stinging/itching felt. This is usually felt for the first 5min after application. If the skin is extremely dry it could feel slightly worse. The peel however is generally easily tolerated and the skin care professional will massage RégimA post peel gel onto the area to relieve any stinging or itching.

What do I use after the “peel & heal”?
Immediately following your treatment, your skin care therapist will apply the necessary RégimA products depending on what the skin requires. If the client experiences intense peeling, RégimA Post Laser Post Peel Gel MUST be used until the peeling has subsided. If there is no visible peeling, then one should use RégimA Quantum Elastin or Scar Repair on the night of the peel.

What will I look like after a peel?
Dependant on the skin type, a degree of redness is experienced as well some heat on the skin. The pinkness/redness varies from person to person  and usually subsides within a few hours and the skin goes back to normal colour.

Will I peel for long?
This unique peel can achieve instant smoothness of the skin without any visible peeling. A certain amount of outer dead cells are removed when the peel is neutralized, but one does not have to experience a wholesale of peeling for it to have worked. This is therefore ideal for the working man or woman. One may just experience flaking over the first few days following a peel, especially in the areas around the mouth and nose.

Why choose natural rather than synthetic/chemical acids?
Natural AHA’s are not buffered with chemical agents in order to stabilize the product. Chemical stabilizing ingredients can have a irritant effect in certain cases. Natural acids are more easily absorbed and cell regeneration is enhanced with more rapid healing. They have a greater effect and one significant benefit is that they do not increase the blood vessels in the skin. Therefore they do not result in broken capillaries, as can be seen with chemical or synthetic acids. Synthetic acids can cause a short, sharp shock to the skin. When this occurs one may experience superficial peeling, however, there is no long term therapeutic action. Synthetic acids, such as glycolic, are much cheaper than natural acids.

In RegimA’s unique “peel & heal” we use malic, lactic, citric and natural fruit acid complex. Malic acid ( from apples) and lactic acid (from milk) are the main choice for RégimA in high concentrations in the peel and night products because, being natural, they are the most skin friendly. Malic acid has the AHA and BHA action so suits young, oily, mature skin. Lactic acid naturally exfoliates, increases skin moisture and results in a smoother looking and feeling skin. Citric acid (from citrus fruit) works on evening out pigmentation.

Can I use other products in conjunction with RégimA peel and heal?
The natural peel and ingredients within RégimA home care products have been formulated to work synergistically. Other products may not react favourably as many cosmetic ranges contain chemicals which would not be compatible. RégimA “Peel and Heal” will only be applied to patients/clients who will be using strictly RégimA products. That is the only way one will achieve 100% from the peels and products. Never mix and match it is just not worth it.